Cannabis: The Art Of Growing Organically

Written by: Moana Britt
Techniques by: Jacob Britt
Edited by: Marc Mendoza

Dedicated to my amazing husband, wonderful children, and loving family.

The purpose of this book is to educate people on how to grow quality organic cannabis in their own medical garden. Included are step-by-step instructions, recipes, detailed infographics, and photography. The recipes in this book are meant to be used together and not intended to be used by themselves. We also recommend popular gardening products and equipment that we use in our garden and have found success with.

Our goal is to increase awareness of sustainable cultivation techniques as well as how to achieve organic flowers with the highest medicinal properties possible.

Our love for cannabis and our passion to help people is what started us on the journey to write this book. We hope this book inspires you and provides the groundwork needed to grow your own medicinal herb. For those that have yet to set foot in a cannabis garden to the seasoned pro, this book is for you. Enjoy!

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